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Hey, I'm Alex. I'm 21 years old and come from Germany. I live in NRW and spend my free time playing piano, do sports or enjoying time with friends and family.

I started working with computers when I was young and started programming in school. After I graduated I began my dual study at Netgo GmbH where I work and Westfälische Hochschule where I study.

I'm currently learning .NET Core and Angular but my favourite framework is NextJs. In the future I want to build my own Kubernetes cluster with backend services, database integration and a solid frontend combined by Nginx.



  1. Dual study at netgo / Westfälische Hochschule

    I started my first job as a software engineer trainee at netgo. In combination I studied software systems (Informatics, B. SC.).

    Learn more about netgo
  2. Graduation from school

    I finished my school :D


Those are the tools I almost use daily. I really enjoy finding new technologies improving my workflow.

Tailwind CSS


When it comes to CSS, I always use TailwindCSS. It is a great tool for styling your website really fast.



My go-to framework for building web applications. The quality of the codebase is fantastic.



The most seamless way to deploy your website. I use it for all of my projects.

Visual Studio Code

VS Code

VS Code is the text editor I reach for most often, given it's range of extensions.

My Gear

Here's what tech I'm currently using for coding. Most of have been accumulated over the past few years.




Other tech


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